About Us

Chaman Sharma
(iOS Tech Lead)

My name is Chaman Sharma, and I have been working as an iOS developer for more than 15 years. Here, I am helping developers of all skill levels understand iOS programming and realise the full potential of Apple’s robust ecosystem. I are here to be your trustworthy guide, regardless of how experienced you are or how recently you have entered the world of iOS development.

Having developed iOS apps for over last fifteen years, I have successfully produced high-calibre, user-friendly applications for a variety of sectors. From design to deployment, I cover the full development lifecycle with my skills, and I am knowledgeable about the newest tools and industry best practices for iOS development. I’ve worked on more than 100 applications, and my experience includes the following areas:

  • iOT
  • Restaurants
  • Banking Domain
  • E-commerce
  • Taxi services
  • Driver-passenger based Apps
  • Organisation solutions
  • Learning Domain

I started a tech company, we are a group of enthusiastic developers, tech enthusiasts, and fans of iOS who think that well-written code and flawless user interfaces can change the world. Our varied experiences and combined knowledge serve as the foundation for our blog, where we discuss the most recent developments in iOS development as well as lessons and perspectives.

Knowledge: The seasoned iOS developers on our team have a plethora of knowledge in developing reliable applications for a range of sectors.

Innovation: To keep you updated on the always changing iOS scene, we constantly strive to remain ahead of the curve by investigating the newest tools, frameworks, and approaches.

Community Focus: We promote a community where developers can interact, exchange ideas, and gain knowledge from one another, going beyond tutorials and technical information.

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Whether you’re here to learn, share your knowledge, or simply stay updated on the latest in iOS development, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Let’s code, create, and innovate together!

Happy coding

The CodeGeekWorld Team